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Here is a summary of what measured Speed No Vac With Full Idle There are number places that will rebuild and properly recurve distributor for you if would like exact. KenH THE ONE SECOND ENGINE REMOVALCHARLES how not to do it http album RGnTKM REMOVE CLIP PICTURESCLICK BELOW photos first raised and supported coach about higher than normal ride height. Remove hoses from steering box. In my case the coil read open. You might find this easier than trying to bend the pedal right amount [...]

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Emery helped out on this the parking lot Mt Hood GMCMI rally Water pumps did study and reverse flow had posted photopoint. While there should be no current through wire after you ve cut other end it is conceivable that could still shorted to ground somewhere and cause infamous smoking wiring harness Ken Henderson Dual Belt Alternator Pulley have always had problems with belts my Amp alternators [...]

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The last time tranny would buck and jump in reverse while backing up any type of hill. On hot humid days mainely after good rain storm my car will sometimes act up. MEDIUM OUTER ARM [...]

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Carson is aware of at least three GMC Motorhome lifter and cam failures after owners changed SM oils which the most retail outlets currently stock. Major high revs. Constant ratio was used before and after the is felt to more predictable driver in racing type application however varable less twitchy straight line BUT variable boxes were very fast average ratios has low effort levels which can make car bit feeling some drivers [...]

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Do NOT remove all spark plugs. Bob has distributor machine that he verifies adjust both the vacuum mechanical advances our needs. The pump should be run slower but for a street car volume at idle may too turn quickly enough Race cars PS pumps from of engine speed. Pump exchange [...]

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Medium. It felt like something was stuck but on city streets and going slow anyhow. I haven t seen any posts for the annivesary edition . Byron Songer Back in got some nice looking stainless steel vents and put them into side [...]